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I/O Linc sensor status updates not live?


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I'm wondering how often the ISY checks for the status of the I/O Linc sensor.


My garage setup is an I/O Linc for the garage door w/status sensor and a Switchlinc for the garage light.


I am setting up a program for when the garage is open (status = Off) between certain hours, that the light goes on for 5 minutes (or possibly have the light go off when the status of the door is back to closed (status = On)).


The issue I am running into is that when I open the garage, the ISY is not seeing the sensor's status change therefore the light does not come on. Only until I query the sensor, does it's status change triggering the program. When I then close the garage door, same thing. I have to query it to get an update. I've waited more than a few minutes for the ISY to update itself but it does not.


Is there something I'm missing that allows the ISY to see the status change right away?

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The I/O Linc is an I2CS device which requires 3.2.6. That is, 3.2.6 must have been running when the I/O Linc was added to the ISY. If on 3.2.6 suggest running a Restore Device to rebuild the link database in the I/O Linc. Sensor State changes should be seen immediately by the ISY. If not either links records are missing or there is a comm problem with the I/O Linc location.

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