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2420 In Scene Updates / Writes


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There was a posting on this topic, but I never saw the resolution if any, so pardon the duplication here...


In order to control the action of a 2420, say placed in a stairway with a SL dimmer, I've been writing ADJUST SCENE statements to determine whether or not the MS will actually light the SL at 100 or 0%. For example, sometimes when a user reaches the top of the stairwell they will reflexively switch off the SL. However, the MS still sees them and turns the light back on. With an ADJUST SCENE I can defeat the MS. But, not always in time for the user to clear the line of sight of the MS; therefore, the light turns right back on anyway. A few seconds later, giving ISY time to do the writes to the devices, and everything works fine. What's the resolution?



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There is no clean resolution with the MS linked to the SwitchLinc as a Controller. To achieve the control you are looking for requires the MS to trigger a Program which turns On the SwitchLinc. That way the physical turning Off of the SwitchLinc can be added to the Program Conditions that turns On the SwitchLinc from a Motion message and suppress that action.


Either accept the slight delay in going through a Program to control the SwitchLinc or accept that the direct linking of the MS to the SwitchLinc to achieve instant On from Motion will result in the SwitchLinc turning back On for a few seconds before an ISY Program can turn them back Off by detecting the Off paddle press and repeating the Off a few seconds later. This assumes the MS will no longer see motion a few seconds later.

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