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ISY not letting me login to admin console any more.


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This is real frustrating, I can't login to admin console any more. So, I spent about 4 hours last night messing around with this.



- Win 7 computer, saw the Java 7 issue, so I went to a computer that was running Java 6, still can't login to admin console

- Disabled avg firewall, same results


- I did a factory reset on the ISY-99i, same results


- The power light is solid blue, all other lights are off, and Er light flashes red everyone once in awile


- When I do an ipscan the ISY-99i is still at However, I can't telnet into it, nor if I use a crossover cable and go direct to the isy-99i, I can't login to the admin console


- I have tried this which I saw on another posting, and no luck

1. Go to http://www.universal-devices.com/99i/admin.jnlp ... This should install an icon on your desktop

2. When Admin Console comes up, minimize it

3. Click on the Add button

4. Use the IP address for your ISY in https://your.isy.ip.address … or you could try https://isy (this only works on Windows)


- The isy-99i is plugged into a belkin power strip which is plugged into a UPS, so I don't think lightening has anything to do with this.


- So I called "Please phone our Support Center: 818.631.0333 " What good is a support center if you call in and you can't talk to any one? So, with my luck I won't be in a position later to trouble shoot this when they do call me back.


- Did the sd card go? http://www.universal-devices.com/mwiki/ ... an_SD_Card


This is real frustrating that nothing was changed at all, and the unit did this. And I can't get a hold of anyone for technical support on the phone.


Anyone have any more guesses what is wrong?

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Yeas, I do have a ticket open into them.


Well, I did the last ditch effort and I loaded hyper terminal onto my Win 7 box. I dug up an old null modem cable and connected to the ISY via hyper terminal. I performed a system reset through hyper terminal. After that I was able to get into the ISY via the ip address. I just got done reloading my backup program. Kind of odd, I did a system reset on the front of the ISY unit, and it never seem to take. Kind of seems like the ISY was hung up with any communications other then the serial port. Odd, odd, odd....

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