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Using Notifications (e-mail) to send a specfic txt message.


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I have an ISY-99 and have written programs to send a txt message to my iPhone when certain insteon devices change status. Is there a way to actually create custom text messages depending on what even occured. For instance when the I/O Link in our motion sensor sun room flood lights turn on I would like to create a message saying "Sun Room Motion Lights On"


Here is an example of a line item in my program.


Send Notification to ‘JimCellphone’

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Yes you can I do it all the time.


Under email/notifications and then the customizations tab, create different names like Sun Room Motion Lights On" and customized content with a subject and body. Then in your program change your line to say:


Send Notification to ‘JimCellphone’ content "Sun Room Motion Lights On"


Hope that helps.

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