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Garage door


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I have the garage door control and status kit installed and have followed the directions. I have it set to momentary C. I can use the "on" button in the Admin Console to open, stop, and close the door. So it works like a garage door remote.


With that said how do I know via the admin console if the door is open or closed? I'm not getting the status. The "off" button in the Admin Console does nothing.


What am I doing wrong?

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The I/O Linc - Sensor node (assuming it has been connected to the magnetic switch) shows the open/close status of the door.


The On/Off buttons in the Admin Console use Insteon Direct commands to turn the I/O Linc Relay On/Off. On button turns the Relay On, Off button turns the Relay Off. With the Relay in momentary mode the I/O Linc is turning the Relay Off within a few seconds so the Off button does nothing.


The various command responses described in the I/O Linc Quick Start Guide and User Guide are describing what happens when using Scenes. The Guides do not describe how Direct commands work as no Insteon device (not including HA applications using a PLM) can issue a Direct command for device control.


The I/O Linc Relay Current State will show On most of the time (reflecting the last command sent to it) as the Relay is a Responder only device. It does not send commands to linked responders (ISY PLM) when the Relay is turned Off automatically in Momentary mode.

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Check the Green LED state on the I/O Linc itself, located on the fixture where the wire connections are made. Regardless of other options, when the I/O Linc Sensor is On the Green LED is On. If the Green LED is On when the door is closed use the other pair of wires on the magnetic switch.


If the Green LED is Off when the door is closed and the Admin Console shows the Sensor node On, the Trigger Reverse option has been checked. This option reverses the commands sent. On command sent when the Sensor turns Off. Turn the Trigger Reverse option Off.

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Smarthome has cheapened the I/O Linc garage kit. It use to come with Item# 7455B which has both a NO and NC magnetic contact built in. With this version the I/O Linc could be set up to have the I/O Linc Sensor On or Off when the door is closed simply by choosing which pair of wires (red/black or green/black) that produced the desired result.


The current I/O Linc garage kit is being supplied with a much cheaper version of magnetic switch which only allows the I/O Linc Sensor to be On when the door is closed. The immediate solution is to use the Trigger Reverse option which reverses the commands the Sensor sends.


The problem with the Trigger Reverse option is it only reverses the commands the Sensor sends. The 3 AM Query the ISY does returns the true state of the I/O Linc Sensor, not the command reversed state. This means the I/O Linc Sensor will change state at 3 AM even though the door has not moved.


The current magnetic switch should be replaced with a NO version. It looks like the single contact magnetic switch with the new kit is still a wide gap switch based on the length of the magnet. Could not find an item number for a wide gap NO magnetic switch. Perhaps Smarthome can provide the item number.

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Looks like they now are supplying a Seco-Larm SM216Q Large Gap Magnetic Switch.


Now for what many call confusing.

That switch in my electronic terms is a NO type switch. The state the switch is normally in when not activated.

In security uses. It is for an NC Zone as the magnet is next to it when the zone is not violated. :roll:


I downloaded the Seco-Larm catalog and there are almost no magnetic switches for a NO Zone where the switch is closed with no magnet present.

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I found this on Smarthome site. It is not a wide gap switch (¾†gap) which could be an issue on a garage door that has some play at the top when closed.


SECO-LARM SM-300Q/WH Surface Mount Magnetic Contact Switch, Normally Open Item# 7040


Smarthome does carry the original two switch device (Item 7455B for $21.99 on sale for 17.42). The change in garage door kit made a nice increase in profit margin.

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