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MorningLinc with Keypadlinc


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I use a morninglinc to open the door to the guesthouse.


Had this set up properly before they sent me a new morninglinc which i just set up today again.


When the keypadlinc button is engaged (and scene is ON), the door does not unlock, it only locks and then stays locked. The new ISY firmware and/or morninglinc version I received has a choice in the scene for the keypadlinc button to choose unlock or lock each for the on/off nodes.


I want it so that when the scene is ON (and the LED on the KPL is ON), then the morninglinc unlocks, and vice versa. Thanks

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Define an ISY Scene. Add


the MorningLinc On node as a Responder

the MorningLinc Off node as a Responder

the KeypadLinc button as a Controller


click the KeypadLinc button entry below the ISY Scene name


set the MorningLinc On node to unlock

set the MorningLinc Off node to lock


click the ISY Scene name and set the same values for the MorningLinc On and Off nodes

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