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Weird characters in device status variable


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I'm getting some weird characters when I send an alert using the device status from several of my Insteon modules. I have the following in the alert:


Water sensor ST = ${sys.node.1D 1 11 1.ST}


When I run a program which uses this customized content, I get the following in the email content:


Water sensor ST = €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€On

The status on the end is correct.


The same characters appear when displaying the status (ST) on the following modules:

2450 IOLinc V41


2476S switch

2420M motion detector


... but NOT on my 2491T thermostat. I get the proper Thermostat ST=21.00.


Does anyone have and idea why I get the weird characters?

Thanks, Ken

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