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Notifications to USA Mobility numeric receive-only pagers


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I've been trying to get my isy-99i to send me a page to USA Mobility pager (numeric, receive-only), and from the dialog box in the Notifications page of my ISY, I've been able to send text messages to my phone, but unfortunately, I can't carry my phone at work. Is there a way to request that USA Mobility pager support be added? There is a web-page interface via USA Mobility's site, but it's not clear to me how I'd be able to utilize that in an automated way.


Does it need to be added via some business relationship with UD or is there a generic pager capability in the Notifications pop-up menu that I'm just missing?

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No workie. Whether from the ISY or a normal e-mail account, nothing gets through. It only lists "Word, advanced word or two way" devices, not the numeric-only pagers we corporate drones get by default.


I think I'll try to get my company to upgrade me to an alphanumeric pager; if that's a no go, I could just get my own pager & service. It would stimulate the economy to some small degree...

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