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How to replace light switch


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Thanks for your patience ahead of time with this one... My insteon switchlinc is failing and Smart home sent out a new one. Now I have the task of removing the old and putting in the new. But I seem to recall that if you pull out a device without deleting links things go bad... And I do not want to delete all those relationships between the current switch and my programs. I am intrigued by the "Replace With" function but it presumes the both are on the power line, which is not true since I have to take one out to put the new one in. This seems like a no brainer but I can't seem to find the answer in the wiki or forums. Thanks for your help. Oh, I have an ISY99, and the current switchlinc functions fine occasionally so it is not dead.



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Replace with is exactly what you need. Remove the old switch, install the new one. Add it to ISY (no need to name it), then use the "replace with" function. Done. Everything transfers over to the new switch including it's name, all programs it might be listed in, and all scenes that it is a part of.


Oh, and one important point. Both the new switch and old switch need to be in the root folder. In other words, under "my lighting" in the tree. . . not in a subfolder.

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