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How do I filter this...


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My oven/microwave in wall unit is consistently reducing the hops left on several of my devices. According to the installation manual...




It needs to be on a separate 40 Amp circuit. I do not see what the appliance is rated for so I'm assuming a filter would need to be 240 volts and 40 amps.


How can I filter this appliance?



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Have not seen a filter with that capacity. The large amperage elements for heating are not likely causing any problem as they are simple resistance elements. More likely the electronics including the power supply are the actual source of the interference. These are generally low current devices which can be filtered but it means going inside the appliance, identifying and localizing the electronics with an inline filter.

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Filtering the electronics is the answer I have seen in a few Automation related forums.

That is what we tell users in the X10 forums.

Electronically controlled refrigerators, washers, stoves and dryers have also been seen to cause power line signal problems.


The sad part is most of the problems is the power supply as LeeG related to. To keep the appliances power supply from putting too much noise on the power lines. They add a capacitor across the incoming power. It effectively shunts the appliances noise but also any power line signals. Spending a few extra cents to add a coil between the Line wire and the capacitor would be all that was needed to help us.

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