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KeyPadLinc status is scene, also KeyPadLinc as beeper


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I've set up a 3-way virtual circuit. One side (the side with the load) is a SwitchLinc. The other side (the virtual side) is a KeyPadLinc.


I created a scene and added both Linc devices as controllers/responders. This works exactly as expected when I use either the SwitchLinc switch or the KeyPadLinc button. In particular, using the SwitchLinc switch changes the status of the LED on the KeyPadLinc button to reflect whether the light is on or off.


However, if I remotely change the status of the SwitchLinc either programmatically or using the ISY console, the status of the LED on the KeyPadLinc button does not change. This results (for example) in the lights being on but the KeyPadLinc being off, necessitating 2 KeyPaidLinc presses to turn the light off (and the status being incorrect).


What am I missing that would make KeyPadLinc status light update correctly when the SwitchLinc is remotely activated?




Unrelated question: The manual says that the KeyPadLinc can function as a chime. How do I use that feature?

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Thank you for the answers. I think you tried to answer both my question, but I'm not sure.


Activate the scene? What does that mean? The scene is active as far as I know and working fine. Either switch controls the lights. The problem is that if I control the switch remotely, the corresponding KeyPadLinc light doesn't go on. Programmatically, there is no choice to turn a scene on that I can find - just choices to adjust a scene (adjust the brightness level). The switches are not dimmable, so I don't have brightness levels.


You said in programs, scroll down and choose beep. I think that sets the beep duration. What do you do to cause the beep to sound?


Thanks for your help.

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The results of turning the SwitchLinc On/Off directly will not affect any devices that may be linked with the SwitchLinc. That is the way Insteon works. To have both the SwitchLinc and KeypadLinc react together with the Admin Console or with an ISY Program the Scene name has to be turned On/Off. Functionally that is what happens when the SwitchLinc paddle or KeypadLinc button is pressed. The Scene is turned On/Off.


Insteon devices do not have the functional capability to send Insteon Direct device control commands. When a paddle/button is pressed a Scene is always controlled. Only HA applications through a PLM have the ability to send Insteon Direct device control commands which operate only on the device being controlled, not any linked devices.


Setting beep duration sounds the beeper in the device. Most devices have not implemented variable beep control so changing the duration of the beep request does not change the length of the beep.

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