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ISY-99i Support and Product Life Cycle Question


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I searched and couldn't find anything so I hope this hasn't been asked before. This one is for the UDI people...



How long is the ISY-99 series of products going to be available / supported?


When I see things (features) being removed from the 99 and certain features only being added to the 994 I can't help but begin to wonder. I understand that this is the world we live in now with technology and don't want this thread to be negative so lets not turn this in to a slam fest. Universal Devices still is an excellent company with an excellent product and has excellent support.


That being said, what makes the 994 a "better" product other than the flexible wireless technology add-ons. (Processor, etc...)



Thanks in advance

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Hello gatchel,


You are 100% correct in your observations: we have reached a limit of memory on 99i and thus - and in most likelihood - 3.3.7 might become our last official release for 99i (we may have some follow on bug fixes depending on the code size).


It is for this reason that we have provided an unprecedented upgrade price of $109 to 994i.


This said, if your system is running properly, you really do NOT have to upgrade.


With kind regards,


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