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Newbie Problems


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I just purchased an ISY 994i/IR Pro and about a dozen Insteon dual band dimmers. I have the dimmers installed and hooked up the ISY, and at first things seemed to go fine. I was able to control my devices, programs ran as expected, etc. But twice now after several hours, the devices seem to become non-responsive to the ISY. I can't seem to turn devices on or off through the admin panel, and while programs seem to run and write to the log, the devices don't respond.


The first time this happened, I eventually couldn't even get the ISY to show my devices in the admin panel after a while. I did a factory reset, and started from scratch, and everything was working again. But it has become non responsive again. This time I can still see all the devices listed in the admin panel, and I have a green "Ready" flag in the lower left side. Any clues as to what is happening.


Firmware 3.2.6


Thanks for any suggestions! I'm at a loss.




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I would suspect communications issues.


You mention dual band devices but no indication of Insteon Access Points. Many people have reported communications problems when using just dual band devices.


Another area to explore is noise and / or signal loss from things like power supplies, printers, etc. you may need to add Filterlincs or equivalent equipment to resolve these issues.


There are numerous threads in the communications issues folder that might provide ideas for diagnosis of the problem.

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