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Slow Flashing LED and Dead (?) Lamplinc


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I have a 2456D3 Lamplinc which was working ok, until it was not. Now when plugged in the LED just flashes on about once a second. Trying factory reset does nothing, can't connect to it from anything, holding the set button turns off the LED, then when released the LED goes solid for a moment, then goes back to flashing once per second.


Anything else I can try?

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Most likely a electronics failure.

If you decide to take the cover off. Look at D3, 30 volt zener. A common part that burns up or gets the board hot enough to unsolder itself.


Is there part number for the little bugger a mouser or digkey? I have to replaced a thermister on a keypandlinc switch type and would not mind ordering another few of these just in case.



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