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Power Supply Interruption


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I recently had a power supply interruption. When the power was restored the ISY 99 returned to operation. I noticed that the status of the motion sensors, triggerlincs and the Leak Sensor (2852-222) did not return. Is this normal? I have had to actuate each of these items in order to return the status to the ISY Administrative Control screen.

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That is normal for the RF only devices. They are asleep to save battery life so they cannot be queried when the ISY starts up like wired devices can be. They also do not actually have any real Status like a LampLinc or SwitchLinc for example. Even if they were awake they would not have any status to report. The ISY simply keeps track of the last command received from these devices.

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If you have query at restart checked in the Configuration Tab.

All the modules that are power line interfaced. Will be queried at power up for their status.

RF devices will not. They are asleep as previously pointed out.

My RemoteLincs buttons show no status after a power restoration until I activate their buttons.

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