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Using Temp in program


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Recently purchased the climate module and trying to understand how to use temp in a program. Got this simple one to turn on a pond heater when the temp falls below freezing:

       Module 'Climate' Temperature <= 32 °F

       Set Scene 'House / Garage / Scene.WaterFeature' On

       Set Scene 'House / Garage / Scene.WaterFeature' Off

I see the temp in the climate module is less then 32deg, but nothing seems to happen. I guessed this was because there was no "event" that was testing the temp, so I added a schedule line that looks like this:

       From    12:00:00AM
       To      11:59:59PM (same day)
   And Module 'Climate' Temperature <= 32 °F


That seemed to make it work. So what's the problem? Just curious if there was a better way of doing this and if my assumptions were correct. Trying to understand this better :)



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