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Remote control of Scenes with KeypadLinc


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I have an 8 button KeypadLinc controlling 3 SwitchLincs in the kitchen.


I set up a scene (KitchenScene) that contains 6 of the KPL buttons as controllers and the 3 switches as responders. In KitchenScene, I have different lighting levels set for each KPL button. This works as intended.


I would like to replicate the effect of physically pushing one of the KPL buttons by using MobiLinc Pro (or from the ISY admin console), but have not found a way to do this. From MobilLinc, if I go into the KPL in "Devices" and activate one of the buttons, all of the lights come on (I believe it is executing the KitchenScene levels ).


Do I need a different scene set up? Use programs to implement this?

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You are correct in that MobiLinc is executing the ISY Scene name which has the ISY PLM as the Controller and all the KeypadLinc buttons as Responders. Not possible to have 6 different responses from a single Controller (ISY PLM is Controller).


You will need 6 different Scenes, each with one of the six KeypadLinc buttons set to 100% On Level to turn that KPL button LED On and the other 5 KeypadLinc buttons set to 0% On Level to insure the other 5 KPL buttons are Off. The 3 SwitchLincs are Responders to each of the new Scenes with the appropriate On Levels and Ramp Rates.


This approach requires a KeypadLinc with at least v.40 firmware so that a 0% On Level will turn Secondary KPL buttons Off.


Otherwise 6 Programs are needed which drive 12 different Scenes. Each Program turns On Scene X1,2,3,4,5,6 with one of the KeypadLinc buttons at 100% On Level and the 3 SwitchLincs as Responders with the appropriate On Levels and Ramp Rates. Each Program also turns Off Scene Y1,2,3,4,5,6 which has the other 5 KPL Secondary buttons at 100% On Level. The Yx Scenes turn the KPL buttons Off because the Scene is turned Off.

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