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Rain notification program


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I have a program that notifies me of the amount of rain has accumulated that day. It goes like this...


       Module 'Climate' Rain Today > 0 "
   And Time is 11:59:00PM

       Send Notification to 'My e-mail' content 'Rain Today'
       Send Notification to 'Other e-mail' content 'Rain Today'

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This has worked great until yesterday. We got 0.01" of rain yesterday and the program did not send a notification. Any idea why it would not send the notification? Is 0.01" to small? It's greater than 0 so it should have worked.


Any ideas?



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I didn't verify the rain amount of 0.01" in the admin console, but I did verify it in weather underground. Since the program ran again last night I won't be able to verify if the program ran two days ago. Next time I will look to see the last program run time to see if it did indeed run before the next scheduled run. Thanks!

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