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ISY Power/Tx/Rx Lights on Steadily


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My ISY99i "froze" while I was at work. When I got home the power, Rx, and Tx lights were steadily on. I could not get into the ISY admin or access it in any way. I unplugged the ISY for 10-15 seconds but it came back up the same (lights steadily on). I unplugged it for 30-45 seconds with the same result. Then I unplugged it for 3-5 minutes. That "fixed" the problem and after 2 minutes of startup the unit started working again. What is the problem? Thanks, Steve

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1. What's your ISY's firmware version?

Insteon_UD99 v3.3.4 (2012-11-09-15:31:32)


2. Have you recently changed routers?



3. Do you have DirecTV?



I have forwarded my error log to support@Universal-devices.com?


Just so you know the ISY locked again today (1/18) although only the power light was on and my motion sensors would not work until I unplugged the ISY and PLM for a minute and plugged them back in.





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