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Manually adding KeyPad freezes in initialization


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Just went to manually add a new Keypad. Instructed it to add devices attached with the KeyPad also. Process identified and added the KeyPad, 5 Insteon Dimmer switches, and an AppliancLinc to the Admin Console. However, when the initialization process moved into adding the Scenes, it encountered a problem. There are three screens. One is a cross-link with a single Dimmer Switch. The second is a cross link with an ApplicanLinc. The third is a cross link with 4 Dimmer Switches. The initialization added the first scene, then it froze. My computer is not frozen. I can access the internet and post this note. The ISY software however is hung up. It's stuck at 58% completion. I walked away from the computer and came back after 30 minutes. No change. Frozen at 58% completion, all devices, but and only 1 of 3 scenes added.


This is but one of a myriad of software issues I have encountered in the process of trying to set up my ISY. I am tired of continued problems. Until my setup is complete, I will post additional issues I encounter. In the interim. I will close out of Windows, reboot, manually remove the devices added, and cycle through the manual addition once again.


ISY software has numerous problems.

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I am so very sorry to hear about all these problems you have been having.


Please note that, from your previous posts, I am very much certain that most of the issues you are dealing with are network related. So, if you have not rebooted your ISY yet, can you please just restart the Admin Console and let me know if you still see the progress report at 58%?


And, just to save you time in the future, please do NOT use crawl function because in all likelihood there are multiple half links/orphaned links in each devices and thus you are going to have many unexplained events relating to those devices.


With kind regards,


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