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Notification program, I have no idea why this doesn't work


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I want a notification when the heat in the shop turns on or off. I got 1, and only 1 message ever from this program. if I manually click and chose run the if or run the else, I get no email.


       Status  'Shop_Heat' is On
    Or Status  'Shop_Heat' is Off

       Send Notification to 'Alan_Only.2' content 'Shop Heater'

       Send Notification to 'Alan_Only.2' content 'Shop Heater'


I suppose logically I should not check for the off status, because the else would run if the ON was false.

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That program looks a little strange to me. Your condition will be both "true" and "false" simultaneously, every time. While, logically, I am not sure that this explains why it does not work, it seems like a real possibility to me. Try:



status shop heat is on


send "on" notification


send "off" notification


If the notifications are the same, then use the same notification in both paths.


Understand that this program will trigger when the status changes, whether to ON or OFF. The path taken will be based on "ON" (then) or "OFF" (else).

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