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ISY spontaneously cannot communicate with motion sensor?


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Am getting an error dialog message in Admin Console that ISY cannot communicate with motion sensors. Been happening for several weeks. The actual motion sensor varies. None indicate low battery. The one today just had a lithium battery put into it a week ago. They have all been working okay (in range of access points) for the last couple of years, except for one that started not reaching ISY when I moved an access point, however: 1) that access point is back where it was, and 2) I wasn't getting that message for it when it wasn't working; I just noticed that things that should have triggered didn't.


Overall I'm confused because I haven't seen these until recently and didn't think ISY checked the status of motion sensors given that they sleep most of the time to conserve battery power.


Any info would be appreciated.


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Hi Guys,


ISY does not check the status of motion sensors nor does it communicate with them. I have not seen this myself but there had been numerous reports on a batch a while back.


My recommendation: take one of those sensors, remove them from ISY, do a factory reset on them, and then add it back in. Please let me know if you are still having the same issue.


With kind regards,


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Hi Michel,


If I had an unused motion sensor I could add in then cascade down through my affected sensors using "replace with" functionality (if that would even work toward troubleshooting the problem), I would gladly do that but unfortunately I don't.


Removing the sensors, adding them back in and fixing the many programs that will be affected along the way seems like a lot of work unless I'm missing something about what would need to be done.


Even if a factory reset fixed the problem, would that go toward identifying the root cause or would it just make the problem go away? and maybe only for a while?


At least one and maybe two of the affected sensors has had its battery replaced since I went from 3.2.6 to 3.3.4 (am now on 3.3.9) if that helps narrow this down, although another one that has not been affected (yet, anyway) has also had its battery replaced not long ago. I'm due to replace the battery on another one soon and will keep an eye out for a message coming from that one in particular both before and after in case that helps.

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Just another data point for you guys...


I have had this particular error message pop up for years. Generally, I just ignore it. But, I had it happen again a few times today. I'm running 4.2.4 but have seen it in the past with older versions of ISY firmware (as well as i99 and i994). The motion sensors work correctly and over the years I have done factory resets per suggested fix. Since it doesn't happen all the time, it's hard to tell if the factory reset actually fixes anything. But, if the ISY doesn't read from the motion sensor, then I'm not sure why/how a factory reset on the motion sensor would help anyway. In addition, if the ISY doesn't read from the motion sensor, why would it even report that it can't communicate with the motion sensor?


I don't think this is a high priority issue...just wanted to provide the info.

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