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Upgrade from ISY26 PLM 2412S


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I had a ISY26 for many years and I am now upgrading to ISY994i to support new insteon devices (dual band, micro).


Since my old PLM (2412s) is supported by the ISY994i, I did not buy a new one.


But ISY994i boot in save mode because it cannot communicate with the PLM. When I plug back my ISY26, the PLM is working fine.


PLM V61 reported by ISY26.


Somebody can help me?


Thanks you



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That is an ancient PLM firmware level that should be replaced for that reason alone. In theory it should work with all the new Insteon devices but there has been so much maintenance to the PLM firmware since v.61.


I would check the cable between the 2412S PLM and the 994 Port A as I would expect the basic serial command to identify the type of PLM and its Insteon address to work even at v.61


Note that the 2413S PLM, which is only Serial PLM available, does not provide 12v power as the 2412s does. The external power supply that came with the 994 will be required when using a 2413S.

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Thanks LeeG,


Before posting, I've tried with the 2 cables provide in the ISY994i box and cannot comunicate with modem. After your post, I've tried with another cable and it works!


Cables provide was 3 feets long, my cable is 12 feets. What is the max cable length that we can have between the ISY and the PLM?


Do I have to do something special with the PLM, like clearing the link table, before starting with the new ISY994i?


What is wrong with the PLM V61? Why should I buy a new one?



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The PLM firmware level is now 9A or 9B the last time I saw someone post. I have a v.99 that is 6-12 months old. SmartLabs does not publish what each new release of PLM firmware changes so there is no information regarding the exposure. Simply the difference between v61 and v99 numerically suggests many functional improvements. There is a completely new enhanced Insteon protocol, I2CS, along with a huge increase in the number of Dual Band devices since v.61 was released.


Regarding the cable length, 50' is considered the maximum for a Serial connection. However, the shorter the better. A 50’ cable is definitely not recommended. I would expect the 3-4' cable that came with the 994 to work. Perhaps it is related to the number of times a cable has been inserted into an old RJ45 jack. With the 12' working perhaps the 3-4' foot would work now.


EDIT: sorry I missed one. If the 994 is starting from scratch I would definitely factory reset the PLM to insure the link database is cleared. If the ISY-26 configuration is being migrated to the 994 (don't know if that is possible) then I would do a Restore Modem (PLM) to compress out any deleted or duplicate link records.

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