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Emails and Notifications Send Sometimes


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Anyone else get an intermittent result when having notifications sent? I have setup a Verizon account so the ISY can send out notifications to me (a fun little program here and there). When I test, the test notifications come though, but when I have it run though a program and have it send something, it does not always come though. For example, I ran the Then command on one of my programs that sends notifications, I had to run it 4 times before I actually got my text, not sure where the other 3 ended up.



Checked the error logs, seems I'm getting below, sometimes it sends them all flawlessly (just set it up to send 4 times with a 10 second wait between all of them) and I got all 4


Fri 2013/01/25 08:00:05 AM System -50010 outgoing.verizon.net

Fri 2013/01/25 06:05:57 PM System -50010 outgoing.verizon.net

Fri 2013/01/25 06:11:53 PM System -50010 outgoing.verizon.net

Fri 2013/01/25 07:00:06 PM System -50010 outgoing.verizon.net

Fri 2013/01/25 07:00:36 PM System -50010 outgoing.verizon.net

Fri 2013/01/25 07:01:15 PM System -50010 outgoing.verizon.net

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Hello wingman1487,


We have had reports of DNS issues with a few ISPs. I think there's one DNS server out there that is contributing to these issues.


If you don't mind configuring your ISY with a static IP address (ensuring that the IP is outside your router's DHCP range), then I do recommend using the following Google public DNS servers: OR


Or, if you wish (not recommended), just have your router point to these servers for DNS.


With kind regards,


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