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Missing Device in Scene List Dropdown for Adjust Scene


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I have a program that sets the On Levels for switches twice a day - lower at night.


Every switch (or button) I want to adjust has a line in the program as follows:

for a load carrying switch:

In Scene 'Loads/Switch1' Set 'Loads/Switch1' 75% (On Level)

or for a switch that doesn't carry the load:

In Scene 'LEDs/KPL2(Switch1)' Set 'Loads/Switch1' 75% (On Level)


Everything is fine - except the dropdown list is missing two load switches that are in my system. When trying to add another line to the program, "Adjust Scene"..."In Scene"...dropdown --- the switches aren't anywhere on that list.


Any ideas on why - and what to do about it? Is there a way to make the ISY refresh this dropdown list. Both missing switches are clearly listed in the ISY summary. Both are in the same folder (\Loads) that have all of the other switches in the dropdown. Scratching head.



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