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Fanlinc and 8-Button Keypad


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ISY/Insteon newbie here, so please be gentle.


I am looking at installing 3 Fanlincs in my new house (still under construction), but I am unsure about the wiring. Since the electrical is about to go in, is there anything special I need to tell the electrician as far the wall switches servicing the ceiling fans? There are two switches each, one for lighting and one for fan (on/off). Is there some way the electrician can combine them and I can use the 8-button keypad to turn on the lights and adjust fan speed? Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I've never messed with electrical or home automation before.

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A normal Fan Light circuit would have power to the switch then 3 wires (red, wht, blk) from the switch to the ceiling Jbox with the red and black switched. For the Keypad and Fanlinc, you won't be switching the power at the switch(KPL) location. You can just cap the red wire at the switch box and the ceiling box and pass the 120V along the black to the ceiling box. The KPL and Fanlinc will both need uninterrupted power. The switching will all be logical (Insteon) between the KPL and the fanlinc. Even the red load wire from the KPL will get capped.


Hope this makes sense.



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Thanks for fast reply! I guess what I am asking is should I be telling the electrician I only want a single gang for the ceiling fan (lighting and fan combined)? This way I only have the 8-button keypad to control the light/fan. If I don't, and he installs a 2 gang (1 for light and 1 for fan), then am I just stuck with an extra switch on the wall? I hope I am not over-complicating this mess. :shock:

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This way I only have the 8-button keypad to control the light/fan.


Personally, I think I would maintain a double box. This give you more flexibility for future considerations, should it be necessary to pull out a keypad. I believe there are available double plates with a blank half.


Regarding which insteon switch to control a fanlinc, I would go with 6-button KPL. Use the "main" button for lights, and use buttons a/b/c/d for off/slow/medium/full fan speeds.

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oberkc makes an excellent point about the wiring. The electrician should install the wiring as if the light and fan will be controlled by separate switches on the wall. This will support the installation of a FanLinc in the Fan/Light housing but also allows the restoration to a manual switch configuration if the house is sold without Insteon. Some consider the existence of automation a plus, some consider it a minus.


Beyond the Fan/Light question, make sure ever box has a Line and a Neutral. Minor difference in wiring cost (if any) but makes it much easier to install Insteon devices at a later time.

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