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KPL button control


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Either the answer is embarassingly obvious, or it cannot be done:

Can ISY directly control the individual buttons on a KeypadLinc? I know the buttons can be added to scenes and they will function correctly, but can you send a discrete on or off command to a single button?


I am asking this beacuse, not only can't I figure it out in ISY, but I am trying to have my ELK M1G contol the status of these buttons. I found that if I send a status change to a button (ie C), it actually controls the main load only, and not the button intended.

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Yes, I am aware that they can be added to scenes and controlled. I want to know if they can individually and specifically be turned on and off.


The only way would be to create a separate scene for each KPL secondary button you want to control. Call the scenes "KPL Button B", "KPL Button C", etc..

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