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I have a rule.. when I am home I enable a device as "ON" to tell my ISY that I am at home and that triggers a slew of different scenes at different time..


When away .. I turn off that device and obviously .. those scenes dont trigger ...all is perfect


What I noticed is at 0300 when the system does a Query All (or when I test the Query).. .. it atomatically turns off that device that I use to set my "At Home" status ..


is this normal that Query changes a state of a device ?





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Depends on the device. What type device is being used? For example, an I/O Linc Sensor with the Trigger Reverse option, Query will change the status. The other possibility is the device state change message did not reach the PLM/ISY at the time and Query corrected the actual status. Another possibility is certain devices will not physically react to an On command if a load is not attached. The ISY marked it On as that was the last command which the device ACKed but a Query will return the true state of Off. An OutletLinc Dimmer will not physically turn On if the magnetic key is not in place. All gets back to what type device.

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Hi... thanks for the feedback .. its a lamp module - 2456D3.. and if set on and I run a query.. it turns it to off..

an interesting point that you mention is that no load..is that I dont have a lamp or anything plugged into it makes a differnce ?


Im not sure what you mean on variable bsobel ..?.. sorry newbie


thanks !

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A 2456S3 is an ApplianceLinc (rather than a LampLinc) and I believe it does require a Load to physically turn On. Easy test, plug something into it and see if Query no longer reports Off after being turned On .


The suggestion was to set an ISY Variable to 1 for example to indicate Home and 0 to indicate Away. Any numbers you chose. Then test the value in the Variable rather than the state of the ApplianceLinc to determine Home/Away.

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Indeed ..looks like the issue was load on the light switch ..


Ill look at using a variable(virtual) over using a device to identify presence.. Ill research it .. hopefully there are some examples as Im not too sure..


thanks for the tip guys



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