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"Current State" doesn't appear


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Hi jmed999,


First of all, please do upgrade to 3.3.10 which is our official release. Secondly:

1. What is your operating system?

2. What is the firewall software on your computer?


With kind regards,



I just upgraded to 3.3.10. My Op system is Windows 7 and no firewall.


Thanks for your help so far!

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I also experience the intermittent lack of "current state" column displayed and there seems to be a link to this problem with WiFi access. I never experienced a problem with my wired network desktop however accessing the admin console with my notebook via WiFi was always unpredictable.


I just ran a quick test, first trying via WiFi and all "current state" was blank. I then plugged the notebook into my network, disabling the wireless, and logged-in to the admin console with "current state" showing normally. I repeatedly logged-in five times in a row, each time with "current state" column populated.


I then unplugged the network cable, reverted back to WiFi and logged-in to the admin console. This first time via WiFi the "current state" column did display properly, however the next three log-in tries were blank. To make things more confusing the "current state" column did appear normally in the next few WiFi log-ins attempts I made. I ended the testing at that point.


Both systems are running Windows7


I do believe accessing the admin console via WiFi has some bearing on the problem.



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Hi MikeD,


Thanks so very much for the feedback. ISY checks the number of packets that are NOT acked (each package must be acked) to decide whether or not the client is there.


In the following two cases, the computer takes much longer to ack a packet:

1. Wifi

2. Firewall


In the case of Firewall with WiFi, things get even worse (especially with AVAST and McAfee).


We are actively looking for solution alas we have not found anything satisfactory.


With kind regards,


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Thank you for taking the mystery out of why this is happening. Now I can deal with this issue without frustration. I do run Symantec Norton Security Suite on both systems, turning off the firewall on the notebook using WiFi does not improve the results. Running hard-wired into the network works 100% of the time.



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5 GHz network

20 MHz channel bandwidth


AES encryption


Total of 5 devices on the 5GHz network.


Notebook is one room away from router and has excellent signal.



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FWIW, I am almost always connected via WiFi and NEVER have missing status info. I am on various MAC's. Most commonly my MB Air running OS X 10.8 connected to any one of the following:


At Home:

Airport Express N

Airport Express G

Airport Extreme N 5Ghz


At work:

Airport Extreme N 5 Ghz -> Thru VPN to Home

Airport Express N -> Thru VPN to Home



Verizon MiFi G -> VPN to Home


Every once in a while I do connect via 1Ghz wired ethernet and that works fine too.


Are all of these status failures happening on Windows?



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I just started using the ISY and this happens very often for me. I use both Ubuntu Linux and Win 7 using the latest Oracle Java on both. I will lose the "current state" information for all devices. The "event log" will show no events occuring. I can still turn devices on and off, but the state is never updated. I can still edit programs and most everything else seems functional. It can happen on both wireless or wired. It seems to happen most frequently if the PC goes into suspend mode and then comes out of suspend mode. It seems like rebooting the PC helps sometimes. Rebooting the ISY doesnt seem to help. When it happens, I just switch to a different PC, until I find one that works. So far I can say that I'm very happy with the ISY except for this isssue.

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That seems to be it.


On both Windows and Ubuntu, if I access the the ISY using http, I do not get Current State information or any Event Logs. If I access it using https, then I do get that information and the ISY Java Administrative Console seems to work just as it should.


I tested this 3 times in each scenario (Ubunutu Firefox/http, Ubuntu Firefox/https, Win7 Chrome/http, Win7 Chrome/https). In all cases, http failed, but https was successful. That may be coincedence but I think you are on to something here. I would have never thought that the jar app changed its communication protocol depending upon the way the browser called it.

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One more thing. When I performed the tests today, I was running over a VPN to my home, the latency was about 150-200ms roundtrip. However, my source IP address that would be presented to the ISY would be from the same subnet as the ISY is connected to. I've seen the problem occur both directly attached to my LAN with 1ms latency and coming in through my VPN.

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