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Message opening Admin Console


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I've been getting the message in image since I moved to using mutiple user accounts on Windows 7 -- admin and user. I log in as user account to make PC more secure by requiring admin password be typed rather than simple select Yes at User Access Control. Especially since family / friends kids use while visiting.


I've tried creating the console link in both user and admin accounts and get same results. Also, I've selected run as adminsitrator but then I have to type admin password eacch time (which may not be bad idea). Regardless, what have I missed that would keep this message from being required?




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Hi hart2hart,


As far as I know, you cannot do much when you activate User Accounts. These are files that require either Networking (admin) or File System access and Windows will consider them threatening. You might want create a different group and give it networking and file system permissions but I think that would defeat the purpose.


With kind regards,


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