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Reporting Status on KeypadLinc


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Hi all, had a quick question that I'm stumped on. I have a 6-button KeypadLinc setup in my bedroom controlling my Fan (High & Off), Fan Light, and 2 different LampLinc's. The Sceneare all setup and working just fine, but if I do not use the KeypadLinc to turn on/off or something its controlling, it seems that the status is not reported on the KeypadLinc. For example, if at the KeypadLinc I turned on bed side light, and while in bed I either hit the button and turn it off, or use Mobilinc to turn it off, the status is still shown on the KeypadLinc as being on. Same thing for the FanLinc as well. Anyone have any cleaver way of getting it to change its status even if its not the one changing the sate of the units?

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Possible problems:


a) when you control via mobilinc, are you choosing to control the device-in-question directly, or choosing the scene you created with keypad button as controller? For example, when you wish to control the fan via mobilinc, do you select the device (fanlinc) or scene (includes kpl button and fanlinc node)? (hint: correct answer is scene.)


B) when you control a device directly, and wish the KPL to reflect status, make sure the device is defined as CONTROLLER in the scene that includes the KPL and device. It sounds as if you have set that device as RESPONDER only.

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Its to bad that the FanLinc cannot be setup as a Controller


I don't believe it would matter. In most installations, one cannot directly control a fanlinc (it is up in the ceiling, in the fan canopy).


To activate a fanlinc from a program, and have the linked button show correct status, choose the scene in mobilinc or in a program.

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