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New 994i not seeing smart meter (SCE)


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Hi, I have my new ISY running, it's the ZS.. restored the 99i settings, got ELK integrated, all good..


But It won't see my SCE Smart Meter, I have relocated it to about 30 ft from the meter.


I have enabled Polling, tried SEP and ALL Channels.. Generated a Install Code, it's Scanning, but never see's a PAN ID...


Any ideas, does SCE need to do anything to make the meter it announce itself

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I just spoke to Edison, i think I worked it out..


Their meters are not enabled to advertise.


You need to go to their website and select - Add Device, insert ":"s between the ID's in the EUID, as it bounces the EUID without the right formatting..


Select the Universal Device, acknowledge the agreement.


Then wait 24 hours for them to approve the agreement (some back end manual process @ SCE)


then I go back to website tomorrow, and click something else (which show's up tomorrow :-))


and then they provision the meter..

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Ok, it's clear that SCE is stuck in the 1900's even if they have smart meters, or they just don't want you to connect to them !


After completing the online registration and accepting the terms and conditions, I waited my time, logged in, and got a device registration failure..


I call SCE, they tell me that I also need to PRINT and FAX or MAIL an terms and conditions, and my registration (that show's in my website) won't work until they receive that, process it.. and enable the meter..


wish me luck

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Ah, aaronburnlab ....


I am so very sorry to hear.


This is just a beginning of the process and I am sure they will get better (much better) as we move on and as they iron out the quirks.


I had a call with them today and I must say that every time I have a call with their technical team, I am more impressed.


So, keep the faith and good luck.


With kind regards,


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