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Confused about the ApplianceLinc 2456S3


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First off I'm very new to the home automation scene and I hope to learn enough to install a whole lot more in my house.


I've got an ApplianceLinc 2456S3 module that controls a water recirculation pump. I've written two small programs into the ISY-994i that turns the pump on and off at various times and this has been working great. One of the programs looks for an ON status in the pump, waits 10 minutes, and then turns the pump off. When the pump is turned on via my computer browser or from the MobiLinc on my iPhone the program runs and then turns the pump off as desired.


The problem/mis-understanding comes when I manually turn the pump on from the ApplianceLinc module itself by pressing the "set" button. This change of state is not seen by the program and in fact the browser and MobiLinc continue to show that the pump is in an OFF state.


Please help me understand what's happening here and how to fix it.




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The ApplianceLinc is a Responder Only device. It does have the Controller function to notify the ISY when it is turned On or Off manually at the ApplianceLinc.


Same with an OutletLinc Relay so that will not be an alternative.


Could control the standard outlet with something like a SwitchLinc Relay. The SwitchLinc Relay does notify the ISY when the SwitchLinc paddle is operated locally.

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Thanks for the fast response LeeG. I was guessing that the ApplianceLink wasn't going to work in that way but wasn't sure of the Responder Only terminology when I bought the part. That's OK, I can use it elsewhere. In the mean time I'll look into the SwitchLinc Relay.

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