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Help with last run condition


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i am using a motion sensor to turn lights and ring a bell. If motion is sensed multiple times in a minute, i don't want the bell to ring multiple time (but want lights to stay on longer)


So i tried using the condition


Time is After Last Run Time of Ring_Bell + 1 minutes.


What i found is that the condition is true only at Last Run + 1 but false before and after.


Is this how it is supposed to behave?

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Yes. A specific time is True only at that specific time.


Post the Program. Rather than go through a series of Q&A, looking at the Program will usually answer most of the questions. Right click Program name, select Copy to Clipboard, paste to forum post.

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you probably want some sort of wait after you run the bell from the button. But you have to have something AFTER the wait like a query or else the ISY will ignore the wait since it's waiting for nothing. Wait does not work like sleep does in other languages.

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