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Programs not working with new PLM


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My PLM died a few days ago, so ordered a new one and received it yesterday. Followed instructions from a forum post here and wiki. All my devices seem to work from ISY as far as turning on/off, dimming, etc. IR commands from my harmony remote seem to be working as well (turning devices on/off).


Problem is none of my programs seem to work (lights don't come on at scheduled times, bedtime button on KPL doesn't turn all lights out, Dim All lights does nothing, etc) also switchlincs that are programmed such as fade down to control a different device, all not working.


I have done a restore PLM and restore Devices several times. This morning I restored ISY to a backup I did on May 27th. Nothing has changed. Have I missed an important step somewhere? (I have ISY994-i and Java all updated to latest software versions.)


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Yes, all communicate very well (better than with previous PLM), quick status updates, turn on/off etc, EXCEPT for 1 KPL and 3 I/O Lincs. I was able to get the KPL and one of the I/O Lincs to communicate, but still have 2 I/O Lincs that will not communicate. They work if I manually tap button on device, but no status updates in ISY, can't query or turn on/off in Isy. I moved a few access points around to see if that helped and moved the one I/O Linc to several different outlets in different parts of the house with no success.


More importantly, all my Programs are working except the ones that have either of those two devices.


Any ideas on getting those last two I/O Lincs to communicate with ISY?


Thanks again for your assistance.

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Late last night I was able to get the last two I/O lincs to communicate. All devices are communicating now and all programs are running on schedule.


For many months, I've had increasing communication issues with my system. Could this have been caused by a failing/faulty PLM? Since things are running PERFECT now with the new PLM, I can only assume the old PLM was the culprit of all or most of the problems. Although, I may be speaking too soon and I may be wrong on assuming the PLM was the culprit. (Tomorrow is another day and things may change. :| )


If I had to make a suggestion to Smarthome or Insteon, it would be to develop a simple device to test their PLM's! I've spent numerous days, month after month, trying to troubleshoot communication issues, not to mention the money spent on filterlincs, that I now have on almost every appliance in my home, that didn't help.


I do most appreciate the help that is provided here on this forum.


Thanks again.

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Thank you, but I am going to stay optimistic that the old PLM was the root of all evil! :twisted:


About a year ago, I had removed all of my insteon wireless RF devices, (4 remotelincs & 2 motions) from my system, as although they did work, if I made any changes to programming, my system would not "update" the devices. I tried numerous troubleshooting ideas from this forum and final conclusion/assumption was I had RF interference in home (which I could not seem to isolate). As I was curious, last night, I added one of the remotelincs back into the system, placed it near the new PLM and it "updated" instantly, without any issues!!! Just one more indication the old PLM was evil!


Thanks again!

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If the old PLM was a 2412S. It is not Dual Band and you would have to go through an Access Point or another Dual Band module. So you could have had a power line signal problem from the device processing the RF commands.

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No sir, old PLM clearly labeled (Dual Band) 2413S V1.5, which was one of the first things I was told to check while troubleshooting the device many months ago. The access points would occasionally write updates to the remotelincs, but it would take many many attempts and placing the devices on the floor next to one of the access points. Just wasn't worth all the effort, so eventually just integrated my harmony remote to replace the remotelincs.

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My ISY994i has froze up while trying to write to devices and will not unlock. The ISY RX will not stop blinking as it initially said System Busy, but was able to get that to stop but several devices are being written too.


I have unplugged both the ISY and PLM as both of them would not stop blinking.


I really appreciate any help on this.


Thank you.

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Hello Mike Roach,


Apologies for tardy reply and I wished you had contacted our tech support team and I strongly recommend that you do anyway.


The first thing I recommend is: remove ISY from the PLM and let me know if the PLM is still blinking. If so, you have a device (most probably X10) that's inundating the network with noise/traffic.


If not, ISY is probably trying to write updates to devices and it's just busy.


With kind regards,


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Hi Michael,


I have sent 2 emails to the support team and both were delayed for some reason. I will try and disconnect the PLM from ISY this morning but both are unplugged now. Should I have the UD console open when I perform this?

In addition my new Insteon switches are blinking making me think I am putting them through a very tough workout and do not want to pre-age them.


Thank you Michael.

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Hi Michel:


Daryl called me last night and explained to me how to stop the blinking on both the PLM and ISY. In addition I stopped the blinking on all the switches that were blinking.

I have brought up my ISY and it says it is writing to the devices that created the freeze up but does not say the system is busy. It is taking a real long time and I would like to go to bed and see if it is done in the morning. Does it always take a real long time as the others only took a minute or minute in a half?


I believe the email delivery problem I had is on my end at work as I think my IT guy has me blocked from UD. I will confirm this but pretty sure, as I can get into your forum at home without any issues.


I now have sent you an email from my home email address.


Thank you,



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