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ISY receive acknowledgement


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I'm new to Insteon transitioning from X10. One of my light switch modules will occasionally not receive the program to turn on or off. I had this same issue with this location with X10 and was looking forward to the Insteon module 2-way communication making sure the module was in the correct state. This one location is far from the ISY and PLM. It never shows as losing it's connection to the ISY but occasionally the signal to change it's state seems to not make it because of noise or some other intermittent issue. It works 75% of the time on the initial program run so it's not horrible. My point of frustration is that as soon as the program runs and the light doesn't turn on I can check with the admin console or my iPhone app and see that the state of this one light is off. I can then manually run the then statement on the admin console or simply click to turn the light on and it works. If the program knows that the state is wrong that tells me the ISY never received an acknowledgement. If that happens I would think the ISY would re-send the command until the correct response is received.


Is that correct thinking, or do I need to tell the program somewhere to verify the program result is correct before marking it as complete?


I'd appreciate any advice or recommendations.

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Insteon has some automatic retry built into the protocol for some communication. However, the ISY does not automatically retry Program issued commands. Is the Program turning a Scene On/Off or a specific device On/Off?

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