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How to set variable to thermonstat setpoint?


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I just installed the Insteon thermonstat. I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to read the current setpoint value? I need to be able to send emails when the AC is turned on with the setupoint formatted into the email. Kind of have to be able to do this or the thermostat goes back as that would be a deal breaker.


I'm sure this is possible mainly because common sense would dictate this would be bare minimum funcionality, but heck if I can figure it out.

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OK, trying the substitution variables in email subect:


AC Turned on to ${sys.node.22 18 05 1.CLISPC}. Current Temperature is ${sys.node.22 18 05 1.ST}.


But all I get on the email is:


AC Turned on to node[22 18 05 1]. Current Temperature is node[22 18 05 1].

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