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Error code?


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What is the significance of the following error code, I couldn't find it in the Wiki, and have several of these in my error log. I'm still having intermittent problems with email notifications not being successfully sent out.


System -100 [DHCP] state=RENEW

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I don't believe this is an error message but rather the ISY logging a DHCP address lease renewal. Unless these are appearing many times within seconds of each other, this is just normal operation of your ISY on a dynamic IP address.



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Michel and Xathros


Thank you for the response. I get about two DHCP messages per day, usually about 15 seconds apart but not close to the time the emails were supposed to be sent out.


I'm also still seeing a lot of 50001 - 11 errors but they're intermittent which is making it difficult to troubleshoot. I've tried white listing the email address I'm using from the ISY but my ISP apparently doesn't like my ISY emails

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What are you using for an SMTP server? Are you sure that neither the subject field or body are blank? Are you positive that the program responsible for sending the notification is actually running?



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I've tried two different smtp servers, earthlink and powweb, with mixed results.


All the fields are correctly populated and the program(s) are running as they should. It seems that the mail servers may be randomly blocking the emails from the ISY due to the format or ??. Both servers require SMTP authentication but I don't see that as an option in the ISY


The only error messages are the fail of the "TO" address. When I use the ISY default mail server everything seems to work OK.

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I am using Gmail SMTP which does require authentication and works just fine. The username and password fields on the Emails/Notifications tab is for exactly that.


My Settings:

Use Default: Unchecked

Server: smtp.gmail.com

Username: my gmail address

Password: my gmail password.

Port: 587

Timeout: 5000 ms

From: Xath Home:myaddress@gmail.com

TLS: Checked



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