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Strange Message on Sign-On


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Best to wait for UDI to respond. Before saying yes to anything.


I can't access Purchase Modules this morning.

I get a certificate security message and asking me to abort or go ahead to the site.

If I ignore the warning and go to the site. I get a UDI web server page not found message.


I did get an update to Java this morning, but do not know if it is part of the problem.

I now have Version 7 Update 45.


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Installed Java (build 1.7.0_45-b18) here and have no issues with the ISY. This is on my MAC. I will test with Windows 7 and XP next.




EDIT: Latest Java update installed on XP and Win 7 - No issues to report with the ISY Admin console. With the exception of a certificate error, I am able to get to the purchase modules site just fine. It shows the modules I own and offers to sell me the ones I don't. Both MAC and Win XP tested.

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Hello Everyone,


Java 1.7.45 has introduced a twist which requires all jar files to include a manifest file with a security attribute (Permissions). If your Java security settings is set to Very High, then 4.0.5 (UI) will be blocked. In this case, you have two choices:

1. Clear your Java cache and then go to http://isy.universal-devices.com/994i/4.0.11/admin.jnlp

2. Or, change your security settings in Java Control Panel to High (instead of Very High) ... I do not recommend this


We have also updated all the UI in default locations and thus Admin Console might be downloaded again and the UI version will be 4.0.11.


With kind regards,


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