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Garage Door Control Varies Between 2 KPL


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I have 3 keypadlincs controlling two garage doors. Both garage doors have the I/Olinc garage door package installed and otherwise working fine.


However, I have a small issue I was wondering someone could help me figure out:


If I want to open the garagedoor using one of my KPLs, I simply press the button ONCE and the corresponding KPL button light turns on on the KPL and the door opens.


HOWEVER, my other 2 KPLs require TWO presses before the same garage door opens. On both of those, one press turns the KPL button light on (but the door doesn't open yet). It requires a SECOND press of the same button, which turns the light off and THEN the door opens, which turns the KPL light back on to show the door is open.


Why the difference and how to get it set up where one press turns the light on AND opens the door?

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The three KPLs are Controllers of the same ISY Scene with the I/O Linc Relay as Responder?


If that is the case click on the KPL node name below the ISY Scene name (the one that works) and look at the I/O Linc Relay On Level. Do not change it for the KPL button that is working.


Click on one of the other KPL node names below the ISY Scene name (one that is not working) and check the I/O Linc Relay On Level. It may be different than the KPL button that is working. If different change it to the same On Level as the KPL button that is working.

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I'm still trying to figure out how this is supposed to work.


The instructions from Smarthome say to use momentary C. Many of the writeups say to use momentary A. I've been using C for the past few yrs.


What I did was I changed the momentary to A and changed the button controlling the garage door to NON-TOGGLE (ON). This seems to make only ONE of the KPL work exactly the same way as my regular garage door opener button (you click it to open, click again to stop the door in its current half-open position, click a third time to close the door). This is the way I desire...it works perfectly, the LED on the KPL stays on when the door is open and NEVER lets you turn the light off as long as the door remains open. However, my second KPL controlling the same door no longer works when set up the same way...mainly because the ISY will not let me move the "on level" bar to 100% for the non-functioning KPL button. I can slide it and when I click on something else and click back onto it, the "on level" reverts back to 0%!


The way the Smarthome instructions say to set it up is that its set to momentary C and you hit the KPL button to open the door (KPL LED now turns on), then you hit the same KPL again and the LED turns off and door stops. Then you hit KPL button a third time and nothing happens with the door but the LED simply turns back on, and then have to hit it a fourth time to get the door to close back again and the KPL light goes off. The writeup suggesting using momentary A and making the buttons Non toggle on works better but as suggested above, but only for the one KPL and not the other. Anyone know why I cannot set the "on level" to 100% for both of the KPL buttons?

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The I/O Linc User Guide assumes the KPL button and I/O Relay are being linked together with the Set button. How the I/O Linc Relay reacts is established by the state of the Sensor.


When setting up the Scene under the ISY the I/O Linc Relay On Level can be changed with the UI so the results achieved can be different.


Using Momentary A mode the I/O Linc Relay reacts to only one command, either On OR Off, not both. The I/O Linc Relay Scene responder On Level determines which command.


Using Momentary B mode the I/O Linc Relay reacts to both On and Off commands.


Using Momentary C mode the I/O Linc Relay reacts to both On and Off commands, but it depends on the state of the Sensor which command controls at that time. Which command turns the Relay On is based on Sensor state which can be reversed by changing the I/O Linc Scene Relay Responder On Level.


The KPL button On Level does not affect how the I/O Linc Relay reacts in each Momentary mode. The KPL button On Level may affect what command the KPL sends but it does not change how the I/O Relay reacts to that command. How the I/O Linc Relay reacts to a given command is based on which Momentary mode is defined and what the Scene Relay Responder On Level is set to for the Controller in use.

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