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I couldn't find this answered after a search so here we go.


I have my Isy994IR pro set up for email notifications with x-10 signal received. Works fine and I get the right message associated with the command followed by a second one a few minutes later. The event viewer shows this line


Mon 11/25/2013 03:45:08 PM : [FileOpen ] Open failed for [/CONF/MAIL/1.NTC] ®


the message received is:


"subject:notify : x10 c3/on (3) - Alert notify


x10 c3/on received at 2013/11/25 3:53:57 pm."


this is accurate as the signal is c3/on but I only want the message that I typed in the custom message field sent to me. The desired custom message is sent but is followed by the second shown above. Not sure if that open failed has something to do with it or not so here I am to ask....

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