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Basic Linking Question


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I have very basic linking question by somebody really new to ISY. Previously, I had been using HouseLinc for a few weeks until I decided to by an ISY. I've only had my Insteon devices for a couple of weeks.


I have a room with a typical 3-way light configuration. Both switches have already been replaced with Insteon Dimmers and all works properly.


In HL, I made the switch with the load attached (SwitchA) a controller and responder of the other dimmer switch with no load attached (SwitchB) which of course means the reverse is true. That way, when SwitchA was turned on it locally powered the load and turned on SwitchB so that both had an "On" state with the LED showing that. When SwitchA was turned off, SwitchB would also be turned off. Of course, the reverse is also true. When SwitchB was turned on SwitchA would be turned on which would drive the attached lights.


I don't see how I accomplish that with ISY. I see no way to assign devices as controllers or responders of each other in ISY.


Is this done only with Scenes in ISY?

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Use one ISY Scene. Add both devices as Controllers of the Scene. ISY assumes a Controller is also a Responder and will cross-link the devices.


Got it. I was confused at first because I didn't see an option to add the node to the scene as a Controller and a Responder and it could only be added to the scene once. Knowing Controllers are always also added as Responders was just an ignorance gap that made it seem more complicated than it was. Perhaps the UI should say it's doing both rather than listing only one. Oh well.


I'm also now realizing the term "Scene" and its function varies greatly by controller platform.

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