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Understanding the Query All program


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I've had my ISY-994i (standard; firmware v4.0.5; UI v4.0.11) now for a few weeks and have it working well, except for this weird behavior I see when the out-of-the box Query All program runs at 3:00 AM.


When the program runs, it seems on occasion some device that I know for a fact was off when I went to bed reports a status of 100%. For example, last night we turned off our xmas tree. We did it manually through a KPL switch, plus the "Sleep Time" scene I trigger from a RemoteLinc2 next to my bed includes turning it off. The tree is connected to an Outletlinc I purchased a few weeks ago as well, so I assume it's of a fairly recent firmware version (the outlet, not the tree :D ).


I've seen the same behavior with other devices, but I blamed user error in my programming or some other more practical reason. It seems to happen randomly and, of course, since I'm not up to see it, I can't confirm whether or not the device is actually on (I guess I can change the schedule to run during the day).


What is this Query All program and why does it have to run?


Why would an otherwise OFF device report ON/100% status completely on its own and possibly even actually turn ON without being commanded to do so and from an OFF status starting point?


Is it OK to disable the Query All program? Or is it a necessary part of the functioning of the controller and system overall?


No other scheduled programs run at that time. I do have a wireless thermostat that may or may not, depending on temp, turn on a couple of space heaters in our bedroom at the same time the Query All program runs. But that doesn't seem to have happened last night. And I have pretty good network communication. Most of my devices (17) are Dual Band and I have two Access Points/Repeaters. Response is fast for all scenes and programs.


I'd appreciate a little light on this subject as I'm totally baffled by this.



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I don't believe a uery will ever yield a false value. Instead, it would result in a comm error and unknown state. On the other hand, it is possible for the ISY-assumed state of a given device to be false hen commands are sent and devices fail to respond.


What my be happening with you is that a device status becomes out of sync with reality sometime during the day. The 3am query corrects this condition resulting in the ISY perceiving a status change. Programs triggered by status are, subsequently, triggered causing some of your lights to come on.


I don't believe a query alone will cause lights to come on.


I also understand you can disable the daily.query without the world coming to an end, it this may increase the possibility that ISY status for any given device mismatches true status. How important this is would be dependent on which devices these are and what programs you have that depend on said status.

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I've seen it happen on more than one occasion and with different devices, like an ApplianceLinc.


A program did trigger based on the 100% status report. I have a folder that contains programs that trigger when another program runs, for notification purposes while I'm still writing programs and working out the kinks. The notifier for the xmas tree on ran at 3:00:26 AM.


It could be a comms issue, particularly if the controlled load is on and causing noise. But the tree lights were off.


So, is the Query All program just to sync up the controller with the current status of the devices?

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Hi chago2013,


QueryAll program is precisely because of what you mentioned: synch ISY's status to those of devices. But, in most cases, this is not even necessary if you have good communications and if all your devices are reporting back to ISY. This said, it's a good safeguard for scenarios such as PLM losing its links or communication errors (is Responding/is not Responding).


With kind regards,


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