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"Copy Scene Attributes From" possible bug


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Hi folks,


There may be a bug in the "Copy Scene Attributes From" functionality.


When I have a scene with a KPL button as a controller and other buttons on the same KPL as responders, the "Copy Scene Attributes From" button does not update the state of those same-KPL responder buttons to match that specified in the scene. The state has to be changed manually for each controller-button in said scene.


Is this a known bug, or have I discovered something new?


994i with Z-Wave module installed. Firmware and UI both at 4.1.1.

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The scene attributes aren't copying over from the ISY scene.


Steps to reproduce:


1. Setup a scene using one KPL button as a controller and other buttons on the same KPL as responders.

2. Click on the scene and adjust the On Level of the responder buttons. The scene will work as intended when triggered from the ISY.

3. Click on the controller button in the scene and click "Copy Scene Attributes From (scene name)."

4. The attributes on the responder buttons (on the same KPL as the controller button) do not copy over.


Let me know if you're able to reproduce this.


Note: If the responder buttons are on a different KPL from the controller button, the attributes copy just fine. It's only an issue if you have a controller and responders on the same KPL.


I setup a couple of 14 device scenes last night triggering responders on multiple KPLs and this drove me crazy until I figured out what was happening. I couldn't figure out why the scenes worked fine in the ISY but when triggered by the KPLs, everything was wrong, and the controller buttons on each KPL were doing different things even though they should have been triggering the same scene. I tried restoring devices and all sorts of shenanigans before I found the problem.

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