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Problems upgrading PLM and ISY


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I'm upgrading both the PLM and my ISY from 2412 and 99i/irpro to 2413 and 994i/irpro.


I'm trying to restore my ISY device with my backup, but when my backup files are not recognized by the new ISY. The browser does not show that there are any files available to load where I saved my backup. The old ISY used firmware 3.3.1 and the new ISY is using firmware 4.0.5.


What steps should I take to restore my old settings/programs to my new ISY?


Thank you.

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Hmmm, I tried again and it now "recognizes" my file. Earlier, after clicking "restore ISY" and then browsing for my backup file, no filenames appeared in the browser.


It might have been an issue with obtaining an IP -- I powered off/on the switch that ISY was connected to.


In any event, it is working now.


Thanks very much for your quick response.

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