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Is my issy99i dieing ?


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I have been having problems lately where my 99i looses communication and I have to reboot/power cycle it often. At first I thought it was probably my PLM but I have a spare and it does the same thing when swapped out. I tried a restore from back up and it made difference either. This behavior is random but for the most part I can only use y issy 991 for a few hours till it again locks up. I can not even log into it using the admin console until I reboot it.


I am afraid to do a factory reset as I have several modules that I think I will loose if I do that. This unit was purchased as a dealer demo unit and came with the Elk , weather and some other modules that I use. I was told by support awhile back if i upgrade to a 994i I might have to repurchase them as they are not originally registered to me? Otherwise I would be inclined to just upgrade and be done with it.

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Hi davefred99,


I am so very sorry to hear. If you have Verizon/AT&T FIOS or DirecTV, we do know for a fact that they incessantly bombard ISY to the point that it will go into DOS mode.


As far as upgrade to 994, all your existing modules will be transferred free of charge.


With kind regards,




I do have Verizon fios and about 6 months ago replaced the router for a newer wifi g version. However the problem seems to have only come up recently. I did also add Tivo to my system using MOCO on the main unit. If this is a LAN problem how do I isolate it ? Is there a configuration change in the router I need to make. I doubt Verizon would be any help on this.


As to upgrading to a new 994 how would I do that ? Would I just log in and order an upgraded model and then contact you for the modules. As to the existing modules if I can indeed keep the ones I have installed it would be a no brainer for me but I asked about them once before and was told that since this was a originally a dealer demo unit I might have to purchase them if i ever upgraded because they were not registered or transferred to me. I would really like to upgrade but need to confirm that I can keep my existing modules.


Of course if my problem is in my Lan I need to see if I can address that first.

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