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Using Zigbee for Wildfire Detection


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Currently a system is in place to protect a house on a forested mountainside. Using a 994i fire pumps can be activated with Mobilinc. A number of things take place when the wildfire program runs such as turning off HRVs and shedding load to allow power from a backup generator to run two 5HP pumps. There are 4 Rainbird agritcultural heads with about 100 ft radius to wet down the area. Smartphone enabled cameras are part of the system so in a perfect world you conceivably could start the system at the proper time and walk the tightrope of not being late or not using up all the available water too early. Run time is between 45-60 minutes.


Automating the program using a Zigbee mesh network seems an obvious solution on paper. A perimeter of temperature or smoke/temperature sensors designed for outdoor use would work. After a brief search I'm not finding any sensors that fit the description. Web postings dated as far back as 2008 on the subject of Zigbee and wildfire detection have been found but no suitable hardware.

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