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Java 7 update 51 security issues with ISY-99i admin console


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After updating Java today to version 7 update 51, I noticed I could no longer log into the admin console of my ISY-99i and instead received an error indicating a security issue. The only way I can work around this is to either lower the security level from medium to low (not a good solution) or add the URL to the trusted list, however using the latter method causes a prompt each time I log in with a security warning and a box that must be checked in order to continue. Has anyone else run into this and is their a better way to solve this problem?

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I am having the exact same issue with my ISY 994. I just have not figured out how to add the URL to a trusted list. The message belched back isn't even in a language so I have no idea what I am doing.


If you open up Java preferences and then the security tab, at the bottom you should see a place to add a URL. Simply copy and paste the URL Adress to your ISY and click on Add. You should then be all set, however like me you will still have to click on the security warning each time you log in...

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If you are connected to your local LAN and are using IE, you can go to the Internet Options

Under the Security Tab \ Local Intranet you can try adding the URL for your ISY to the list of trusted sites.


From there you can set your security settings lower.


Worked from my Win7 Pro, using IE 10.0 and Java 7 update 45

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Hi Chuck,


No, the same URL should work regardless. Can you please let me know what you are getting? If you are on MAC, admin.jnlp goes into the download folder and you have to explicitly double click it.


With kind regards,



Sorry Michell, my mistake as I didn't know I was supposed to install anything and deleted the admin.jnlp thinking it was erroneous. In any case, I was able to use another workaround by simply adding the URL to the trusted sites in the Java console and all is well.


Thanks for your help!


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