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Scene via keypad button vs HTML interface not the same


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I have a scene defined on the ISY with several lights, 1 100% off and 2 at a 30% dimmed level. The scene works as programmed when using the keypad button defined as the controller. When I turn that scene "ON" via the HTML interface on my iPad, instead of the lights going to their off or dimmed state, all 3 turn on 100%. If I turn the scene "OFF" all 3 lights turn off. What am I missing?

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Lee, so here's what's happening. I did create the scene exactly as you said in your post. Steps I followed just now to confirm - from the admin console:

  • Deleted the scene
    Created a new scene
    Copied the appropriate devices and keypad buttons to the scene
    Created responders and controller as appropriate
    Clicked on the scene itself
    Set the responders to the desired lamp levels


From the admin console - if I select ON - the scene works fine with the lamps set to their appropriate dimmed level.

If I select FAST ON - all of the lights come on 100%


From the keypad - when I press the controller button, all the lights come on 100%


From the HTML interface - all of the lights come on 100% also but I noticed the only choice on that interface is FAST ON or FAST OFF.


Obviously there is something that differentiates between ON and FAST ON with the keypad and the HTML interface operating as FAST ON while the admin console provides both options.

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The KeypadLinc is now not working since its Responder values were not changed. In Insteon every Controller has a unique set of Responder characteristics.


What is the HTML interface you are using and how do you invoke it?


I don't normally use it but tried the Dashboard and it does not show Fast On/Fast Off.

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My issue is that FAST ON and FAST OFF are the only options that show up on the HTML interface, there is nothing else. How do I make whatever settings are required to enable just ON and OFF to show up on the HTML interface and for the kaypadlinc to send only ON and not FAST ON?

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A single press of the KeypadLinc button CANNOT be sending a Fast On/Fast Off. Each Controller has a unique set of Responder values. The Scene Responder values were set based on your earlier post. In addition click on the Red KeypadLinc button node name below the Scene name and set the Responder values for that KeypadLinc button. The values set for the Scene name where the PLM is the Controller are different from those associated with a KeypadLinc button press.

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Sorry for the confusion. The post that described setting the Scene level was in response to the first post that indicated the Scene On/Off was going to 100% where the Keypadlinc was going to the defined values. The later post indicated setting the Scene responder values but did not mention setting the KeypadLinc responder values.


In insteon each Controller has a unique set of responder values. The PLM is the Controller when the Scene name is used. The KeypadLinc button is the Controller when the KeypadLinc button is pressed. Of course the responder values can be the same for both Controllers but Insteon allows each Controller to have a different set of responder values.

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I got it now - difference between local level vs. controller level and those being independent. I need to think about how that might be used. I have the scene working correctly now via the keypad and the ISY. Thank you.


What hopefully is my last learning opportunity of this lesson. Why does the HTML interface (iPad / Chrome) still allow only a FAST ON and FAST OFF for the scene which turns the lights on 100% and not to their dimmed levels?

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Unfortunately I don't know what is being invoked on the iPad to be able to test the same thing here (albeit not on an iPad).


Hopefully someone else can jump in here or if you identify exactly what is being invoked. The HTML interface does not guide me to what is actually being used on the iPad.

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