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Unwanted link between two switches

brain shocker

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I also have two modules, a LampLinc and an On/Off module with reciprocal links in them. The ISY links agree with the modules so restore doesn't remove them. I haven't noticed any ill effects from this lately.


Is this a problem? The LampLinc module is a long distance, on different floor levels, and the On/Off would be half way to the PLM for it. Do hops affect these link tables?

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You verified there isn't a scene you forgot about? Or a program?


To check the device, in the Admin Console, click the device, and check the right side for a section called "Membership." That will tell you what scenes a device is a controller for, and what scenes it is a responder to.


To check for programs, go to Programs -> Summary, right click on any program, and choose "Find/Replace," locate the responder in the middle drop-down, and click "Find." Any programs with that device will be highlights, and you can check them.

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I did verify that they are not in a scene or program, but when I switch "on" or "off" the dining room (2477D) it controls the kitchen valance (2477S)? I did not create this link via ISY so how do you remove it?


Is it possible that both have an x-10 address assigned?

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First do as LeeG said. Compare the device links tables to the ISY links tables.

If the tables don't match, then do a restore device on them from ISY and see if that fixed it.

If the tables do match, then ISY is "confused" and believes the link should be there even though it should not. There is no way to just remove that one link from ISY since it is not listed in any scene.

To fix this, do the following:

1) Take notes on all scenes/settings/programs you have in ISY regarding the devices that are correct

2) Remove both devices from their folders (if they are in folders) on the main page of ISY admin console

3) Remove (delete) both devices from ISY,

4) Factory reset both device

5) Add them back to ISY as if they were new to your system, name them, and put them back in the correct folders

6) Re-add them to any scenes/programs and put your settings back into them

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Is it possible that both have an x-10 address assigned?

I wouldn't have thought X10 addresses would show up in the links table. This is the only possibility I can think of for my modules. They may have been linked to a same X10 address at some point in experimentation time. I have never created or used a scene with Insteon/X10 and they (two modules linked) have never been in the same room physically or software wise.


In my case they don't interoperate, though.

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We have seen reports of some Insteon Modules getting out of the factory with test addresses in them that where not cleared out. Before shipping.

Not too common and having two with the same test addresses doesn't sound too possible.


Many long time Insteon users. Do an automatic Factory Reset on all new modules before using them.

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Many long time Insteon users. Do an automatic Factory Reset on all new modules before using them.

Thanks! I got the reciprocal links our of the two modules. I am not sure what the side effect from it was or how it got there, but as a newbie trying to understand what a link is, the extra links were very confusing. An ON/OFF module I have only shows one link and that would seem to indicate the RF didn't link, even in the same room.


The LampLinc was a problem to factory reset. That flow chart was very confusing. Right side up helped.


It would be real nice if Insteon supplied real information with their modules instead of a sheet with "Plug in! Look! It turns on and off! They're wonderful!"

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I always down load the full users manuals from the links on the sales pages or use the web address on Insteon.com



Wow what a long way to Factory Reset a 2457D2 LampLinc. :roll:

The older 2456D3 was real easy. Unplug for 10 or more seconds. Hold Set Button and plug back in. While holding the Set button for at least 3 or more seconds. Then release Set Button and it would do its thing.

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